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Hahn and Partner looks back on a long tradition of many years in the service of tax consultation. In January 1928 Wilhelm Hahn (left picture), grandfather of the today's partner Andreas  Hahn, decided to start working as an aides in tax belongings. Therefore he opened an office for tax consultation in Neumuenster in Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany. The fee conversion in the first month of the new business amounted to 10 Reichsmark.


Hahn & Partner | Wir über uns

Later, after exactly 25 years, Werner Hahn (right picture) joined the company starting from the 1 January 1953 and continued to develop, in second generation, the business activities in Northern Germany. Also in this time the special attention of the support of medium-size enterprises as well as the associated partner families was valid.

Hahn & Partner | Wir über uns

After serveral years of professional experience as a partner in another chancellery in Hamburg,  Werner and Andreas Hahn decided to put their activities to-
gether. So Andreas Hahn (left picture) opened the office in Hamburg in 1992. The partnership Hahn and Partner was led in the form of the society of civil right.

After Werner Hahn died in 2005, Andreas Daehn entered the society as a partner and leaded since then the office in Neumuenster untill the 29.11.2011. With his drop out Hahn & Partner decided to close down the office in Neumuenster at the beginning of 2012 and to take care of the customers directly from the central office in Tangstedt/Hamburg.


Hahn & Partner | Wir über uns

Dr. Helmut Huber (right picture) joined in as a new managing partner at the 29.11.2011. He is bring in a hugh knowledge base as a certified auditor with a long list of the best references. So Hahn & Partner improves the portfolio skills even more for their clients.

Until today the office in Hamburg serves their predominantly medium-size clientele. The portfolio was extended since 1992 by the ranges audit and management consultation. Since 2003 a cooperative agreement has been started with the Hamburg law offices of Rainer Ferslev. The power spectrum was extended by this cooperation by the range of the legal advice. Likewise since 2003 a special activity emphasis lies in the support of project companies, which invest into renewable energy sources and operate these plants of many years. Hahn and Partner is completely particularly characterized by knowledge for over 80 years and stands out clearly against other consulting firms.

In order to become fair to the increasing needs of the medium-size clientele  of transnational  right and tax consultation, Hahn and Partner jointed the IAG international as a member enterprise in 2001. IAG international is an English-language union of approximately 70 consulting firms from the ranges of right and tax consultation as well as the audit. Offices in over 30 countries will world-wide maintain. Since 2004 Andreas Hahn is a member of the board of the IAG international. By the membership Hahn and Partner serves its clients in the languages German and English.

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IAG - Integrated Advisory Group International